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Installation by Jesus Toro Martinez during Luminaria at Hemisfair November 2021

The art I make is a visual statement about the world we live in today. The materials I use are an expression of what mother earth has provided.​From land to canvass.  From something organic to something else organic. Since I was a child, we were taught to pick up our trash.  National campaigns helped remind us to “not mess” with the land.  So many years later I wondered, what does she think of how we’ve treated her?  What have we really done to keep the land sacred?  

The art converts items from our collective carelessness — aluminum cans, restaurant take-out containers, old newspapers, plastic cups, plastic grocery bags, and on and on — into landscapes of our beloved Texas. We are all connected.  Our trash and recyclables are all connected.  Our creeks and rivers connect us.  The artwork uses non-native materials found in Texas creeks and rivers.  From a small act of picking up trash has come a new series of artwork for all.


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